Artist's Statement

I draw inspiration for my artwork from the surrounding environment and from a desire to create narrative, thought-provoking works. I have spent time living in large metropolitan areas whose urban atmospheres have profoundly affected my perspective on the world and our place in it. Enriched by my empathy and appreciation for nature, my artwork acts as an interrogation of modern life. My work examines today’s world and many of its less attractive facets. Consumerism, capitalism, corporate greed, global climate change, bumper-to-bumper-traffic, politics, war, pollution, overdevelopment, undernourishment, and eventual extinction are some of the topics that populate my artwork.

 It is an unsustainable lifestyle many of us live. This deeply distresses me and compels me to comment on these often-deplorable conditions. I address these issues as a reflection of my position as participant and member of this society. The story-telling quality of my work aims to raise concern and awareness about these issues. My artwork marks a moment in history. It becomes a sort of time capsule for future generations. Like the bone carvings of the Inuit tribes, it depicts the culture that I come from, and honors the tradition of art making as historical record. 


The permanence of ceramics as a medium is intrinsic to my concepts. It allows for me to build a sustaining record of my experiences and perspective on matters. With intense detail, exquisite form, and masterful execution, the work reflects on the beauty of life and death, and the imbalance between the innocents of the natural world and the chaotic blind dominance of humanity.




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